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Payment Option


  1. HOWTOPAY Credit / Debit Cards (Convenience fee of 10%) require the submission of an ID. (KYC process)
  2. Credit / Debit Card Payment (VISA/MasterCard ONLY) with a convenience fee of 15%. (sent link in an email)

Frequently Asked Questions

To ensure your safety, Condfidia USA will not retain your information and will solely employ it for verification purposes on a one-time basis.

FOR USA CUSTOMERS, it is not typically required to contact your bank if you can make online purchases with international payments. However, you may receive a text or email notification from your bank to confirm the payment. If you were not notified, and the order is not processed while your bank declines the charge, please contact them as soon as possible. Nextchems is an international company with global supply chains and partners.

For CANADA, EUROPE & ASIA, it is important to ensure that you can conduct transactions internationally.

Our additional security measures ensure the protection of our client’s funds by mandating sender approval for all payments. To get verified, you only need to undergo the standard KYC process once, after which you can connect with your bank.


Unlike alternative options available, you can add funds to your HowToPay Digital Wallet using your credit card or bank account. Simply download the app via the link buttons below and begin using it immediately.


After validated through the KYC procedure, process payments to a secure wallet to make payments without restrictions, just connect your bank in a Zelle type payment system.